About Us

We know that you can choose practically any real estate firm to buy or sell your home.  The reality is that in the end, we all pretty much do the same thing.  There are, however, a few things that set First Fruits Realty apart from the others.  First, we promise a personal approach.  We are not a big corporation focused on the bottom line.  We are local, and we are invested in the community as a whole. We strive to build positive relationships with our clients as well as with the community.  When the process is all said and done, we would like to think you have made a friend you can depend on in the future, not just completed another transaction.

Closely related to our desire to build relationships, we also want to help you make a lasting impact in the community.  We do this by partnering with local nonprofits.  A portion of the proceeds from every transaction goes back into the community through these partners. So, a portion of the proceeds from the buying or selling of your home will benefit others, many of whom have little or no means of assisting themselves.  We feel like this helps make our whole community stronger.

Our Story

Our story began with a few people playing in a charity golf tournament. Our conversation eventually revealed an opportunity to combine our professional experience with our individual knowledge of local connections to people and organizations.  We realized that if we could provide a real estate firm where people can receive the highest level of service while also helping make a more meaningful local impact, then we would be benefitting the community as a whole.  This casual conversation on the golf course began to take root in our minds, and over the course of a few months became First Fruits Realty.